05 Dec 2012

Repair for Garage Door Openers and Gate Openers

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A&J Garage Doors performs garage door opener repair and gate opening systems repair in and around Denver, Colorado. If your garage door opener is not working, we can diagnose the problem and provide service to get it working again. Some things that can go wrong with your garage door opener or gate opener include:

  • malfunctioning circuit board
  • safety photo eyes / sensors worn out or misaligned

In addition to problems with your opener, there may be issues with your garage door or gate that are preventing the opener from working properly. Some common problems we see are:

  • door or gate is out of alignment and needs to be adjusted
  • door gets hit by something and rollers come off track
  • the system needs to be lubricated for smooth operation
  • a cable breaks
  • garage door panels become bent
  • weather stripping / weather seal / rubber seal needs to be replaced