12 Nov 2013

We install keyless entry systems for garage doors

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Keyless Entry Systems for Garage Doors

We can install a wireless keyless entry system for your garage door. Whether you need a new door and opener or you just want to add a keypad to your existing garage door, we can help. There are a variety of keypads available, and we will recommend one that works with your existing opener, if necessary.

Liftmaster Keyless Entry System

The wireless entry system uses a keypad that is installed right outside your garage door (usually on the side of the exterior frame). Programming the system is easy, but we can you program your garage door keypad with your custom pin that will allow access to open your door without your garage door remote. Some keyless entry systems also offer the ability to use a temporary code for friends/family/contractors to use to open your garage door.

Garage Door Access Keypad - Keyless Entry

A weatherproof protective cover and backlighting of the numbers are usually standard features of wireless keyless entry systems for garage doors. The keypads are battery powered, usually a standard 9-volt battery.

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