14 Jan 2014

Garage Door Replacement Arvada

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We just finished up a garage door replacement in Arvada, and our customer couldn’t be happier. We were hired to replace the garage door on the main house and install a matching garage door on a newly constructed barn on the property. Our customer chose manufactured steel doors with an accent wood grain finish in dark oak. The doors are a carriage house style, which complements the barn-style and gives great curb appeal.

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Garage Door Replacement Arvada CO

Garage Doors ArvadaAn accent wood grain finish on a steel garage door is a great choice for customers who want the durability, low-maintenance and affordability of a steel door, but like the look of a wood garage door. This type of faux wood finish is available on different types of steel doors, including different door thicknesses and insulation R-values. In this case the R-values of the doors installed were 9.65 and 16.50, for the barn and the house respectively.


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