24 Sep 2013

Diagnosing your Garage Door Issues

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Have a garage door problem that requires a service call? Call us today and we can walk you through an over-the-phone consultation to try to diagnose the problem and give you an estimate for the repair. Or keep reading and see if you can diagnose the problem from the following steps.

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If your garage door won’t open properly, it can be a problem with either the door or the opener. Can you lift the door manually? Pull the cord to disengage the door from the opener and try lifting the door by hand (but please use EXTREME caution because the door is heavy and can fall if not properly supported).

If you cannot lift the door manually, there is typically a problem with the garage door itself, such as a broken spring or the door has come off the track.

If you can open the door manually, the problem is likely with the garage door opener, such as photo eyes are out of alignment or the gear and sprockets need to be replaced.

To further diagnose garage door opener problems, consider trying these diagnostic steps:

If your garage door starts to go down, but won’t go down all the way and keeps popping back up, try pushing in the wall button and holding it down while the door goes down. If you can get the door down this way, your photo eyes are probably out of alignment and need to be adjusted.

If you garage door chain is not moving at all when you push the opener button, the gear and sprockets within the garage door opener may need to be replaced.